Andrew Williamson

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Response to Andrew’s Field Guide Part One:

Hey Andrew, I would like to start off by saying you did a fantastic job at explaining every aspect of your field guide. It sounds like you have full control over you topic and you did a lot of research regarding your topic.

Audience Analysis Worksheet:
I thought that you have a clear grasp and path for your guide. You seem to know what types of people will be picking up your guide. Even though some of your questions were answered vaguely, I still have a clear idea of where you are going with this. I do not have much knowledge about fossil fuels or energy crisis, so I am eager to read more about it through your field guide.

This was well written, it sounded like you put a lot of thought into it. It sounded like something I would find on a textbook. It was filled with information and facts that drew me in as a reader. I like how you gave us a brief idea of what we will be seeing throughout your field guide. However, I wished you gave a brief description after the different entries you were thinking of adding. It seemed to be very vague; for example: how the technology works? (what technology? Computers, phones, game consoles? Elaborate) & how efficient it is? (what is it?)

Ten Questions:
I thought the choice of questions were very specific in the beginning. However after question three, it was very formless questions. The answers to the questions were very predictable. Having more specific questions about your topic can help you more in your guide. One more note, it is not too important but spacing out the questions would have been easier to read. Reading the questions were very over-whelming due to how close the questions were to each other.

Research Memo/ Annotated Bibliography:
I like the choices of sources you picked to refer too because the sites are very reliable. News articles are a plus because it will give readers information about what is currently going on right now. Visuals may be a little hard due to the complex topic chosen. Although the topic you picked is very unique and different.

Overall, the topic is hard for me to get a 100% full and clear grasp. But I have an idea of where you are going with it. The reason why I might be having trouble is because I do not know anything about this topic. So it is sort of like teaching a kid how to read. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to read your polished and completed guide!

Lena Hong

To: Andrew Williamson

From: Janet Wambere

Date: 25 July, 2010

Subject: Response to guide plan

Andrew, I find your topic very interesting.

All through the different sections I feel like you know exactly what you are talking about. All your answers to the questions on the audience analysis section are short and straight to the point.

The proposal memo is direct, thus giving the impression that you know your content and your intention. This is always very good at the beginning of every project. A clear and defined goal is in a way easier to achieve than a hazy objective.

Your organization is also commendable. I noticed however that in your audience analysis section you mentioned that this guide was intended for an audience that was familiar with the topic yet in the proposal, you state that you intend to include what geothermal power is and its origin in your guide. I found this a bit confusing since the audience is already familiar with the topic, unless you mean just a little introduction.

The only other thing I think is very important to note is that you have to keep in mind that the publisher and anyone else who is reading this guide does not know what is in your mind. So you can’t just give them a sneak preview. You have a lot of information and it is clear you know what you are doing. A short and direct presentation sometimes shows confidence and mastering of the content but a little more explanation and examples here and there within your plan will go a long way to help the reader see what your plans are.

I feel like your bibliography is the strongest section of this plan. Not just because it is the source, but because of how you write it. I learnt more about what you intend to do, like how this project works, what has been done so far to switch to geothermal energy, what other countries have done and such . All these are parts of your guide which I did not see mentioned before.

I look forward to seeing the final guide. Good luck in your research!

Janette Wambere.

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