Final Proposal Memo


To: Robert P Danberg, Publisher
From: Darren Ng
Date: 06/02/2010
Subject: Field Guide Proposal

Upon your request for field guide proposals on current issues this summer, I would like to offer the following three: a field guide to increase the knowledge on NASA’s budget cut, a field guide to analyze the morals of undercover reporting and a field guide to discuss California’s current ballot initiative to legalize marijuana.

NASA’s budget cut: Should the US cut the budget funding of NASA?

This is an important issue that we have to take into account now because it will partake in the future of our lives. If this case is left undisputed, budget cuts will increase and the development beyond Earth will slow to a halt. This is a major contemporary issue because it is something that will not affect people now but will significantly affect the future of mankind and the fact that it is not affecting us in the short run, will allow less consideration in this area. In the field guide I am trying to produce, I will try to alleviate a conscience amongst a large amount of stakeholders especially the middle class people in America. This is because the middle class builds the majority of America and if the field guide is able to persuade them, it will make the difference. NASA, itself, allows the human race to move forward rather than focus on the fragments of our lives such as the economy and politics.

Undercover reporting: Should it be promoted?

Reporters have immense competition that causes them to work vigorously for the best issue in order to survive. Nowadays, this competition has been brought to another level and it is called “undercover reporting”. Essentially, reporters go undercover in order to dig out the faults in contemporary celebrities. These reporters are praised for their work and have been put on the front-page news. Does that mean this is a promotion of secrecy? If it continues to be promoted, it will endanger the freedom of life. The stakeholders in this issue are celebrities so far but the amount of stakeholders will increase dramatically if “undercover reporting” is not stopped.

Legalizing marijuana in California: Should it be done?

It is widely known that the economic status of California is not as expected. A way the government agreed to solve this issue is to legalize marijuana. Is this ethical? The issue is important now because if the decision on legalizing marijuana is passed, major health issues in California will increase. The only advantage of making marijuana legal is to improve the economy. There are many other ways to do this other than affecting the health of the citizens. This has to be stopped now in order protect the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.

Out of all the three possible field guides I have proposed, I foresee that a field guide on NASA’s budget cut will be the richer field guide as there are a vast amount of materials that I can cover in a condensed form, which will be attractive to the reader. I envision this field guide to be direct and informative, which will allow the user to pick it up if he/she needs to be informed/reminded of the issue. History, political and economic issues evolving NASA will be the basic standpoint of the field guide. In addition, visual aid is important therefore it will be part of the field guide but will be used more of a decoration than an explanation.

After reading this proposal, let me know if it meets your approval.

Darren Ng

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Date: June 2, 2010
To: Robert P. Danberg
From: Yunmi Hong, a student of Binghamton University
Subject: Proposal of field guide

In response to your request for proposals for the summer series of field guides, I would like to offer the following three: a field guide on the difference of cultures between a Korean and a Korean-American, a field guide on whether South Korea should continue to build nuclear weapons, and a field guide on whether America should cut down budgets elsewhere to increase budgets on education.

What are the culture differences between a Korean and a Korean American?
This is an important topic to discuss solely due to the fact that there is millions of people struggle with the same ordeal everyday of their lives. A field guide made to discuss the difficulties and struggles can help them cope or even give a person a heads up on what they are to expect. This is a very general idea, but this field guide will be composed to answer more specific questions on what to expect when doing business with the Korean people, when you are a Korean-American. Many people rely on other individuals writings to understand what they are feeling or use these kinds of writings to relate and know that there are people like them in the world struggling too.

Should South Korea continue to build nuclear weapons?
There are countries that aren’t open about building weapons and there are countries that are. In South Korea, it is known that the cost of building nuclear weapons is very cheap and increasing rapidly. Of course, it is already known that North Korea is active with the idea of building nuclear weapons, but should South Korea also follow in their footsteps? Or is it just a means of defense or protection? A field guide composed to tackle these questions is just a step to understanding what that country is all about. I’m sure that one of the reasons why South Korea is so active about building these nuclear weapons is due to the fact that North Korea is always threatening them.

Should America cut budgets elsewhere to increase budgets on education?
Does the American education systems have enough funds or should there be more to increase possibilities of creating the future American? This field guide will be created to help the reader understand the issue of budgets on education. Education is all we have to creating the American who will lead and become the future of America, and should we put a budge and a price on that? Even though something else will be cut, should there be a cut or even an increase on this budget?

The topic of most interest and the strongest field guide is the first one dealing with the culture differences between a Korean and a Korean-American. Different from what was asked in the course, this isn’t a dispute upon something, so therefore, the style of writing will be different then others. It will be more a guide to helping an individual help and sort out their struggles with the culture difference, and even a heads up into what they are getting at. Visual aid doesn’t apply much here because it is an issue dealing with people other than something. Most likely, there will be questions asked and answers written in the best possible manner with examples from other people and interviews. There will be no conclusion, but rather this field guide as a whole will be a comfort or relief to someone that they are not alone. An issue that is worth talking about, because of the millions of people that are out there struggling as well. Not much reference can be done, but quotations from various people with the same issue. An interesting field guide in my opinion.

Please let me know what you think after reviewing my ideas.

To: Robert P Danberg
From: William Martin
Date: 06/02/2010
Subject: Field Guide Proposal

Upon your request for field guide proposals on current issues this summer, I would like to offer the following three: a field guide to whether or not the 2014 Super Bowl should be played at Giants Stadium, a field guide to whether Arizona should be able to enforce its new Anti-Immigration Policy and a field guide to whether or not the White House should take over the BP oil spill disaster.

Should the 2014 Super Bowl be played at Giants Stadium?

Although this topic doesn't impact the well being of our country as much as many other issues, such as the ones that serve as the topics for my other two fields guide proposals, I believe it makes for a very interesting argument. There are a couple of points to consider when discussing this topic. The first is the fan reception to the game being played in an outdoor stadium in a cold weather climate during February. For the first time in NFL history, this would leave the outcome of the game vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Fans have grown accustomed to watching the game in an environment which is virtually free of any impact from weather, and many fans prefer to keep it this way. There are other fans however, who would love to see the biggest sporting event of the year played in the Northeast and furthermore, are sincerely hoping for a major weather event on that day. Special attention must also be given to the economic impact this event will have for the City of New York. It is estimated that the Super Bowl would bring an inflow of hundreds of millions of dollars to New York City, a city which is in desperate need of an economic boost.

Should Arizona be able to enforce its new Anita-Immigration Policy?

This topic has the potential to have an enormous impact on our nation's history. In the words of some people, this law would actually permit law enforcement to racially profile citizens, both legal and illegal, in the state of Arizona. This is an attempt to curb the alarmingly increasing number of illegal immigrant’s crossing over the border into Mexico. With the drug wars going on in Mexico, it has become a great concern that Arizona can potentially fall victim to many of these drug cartels crossing the boarder into the state of Arizona. There is also the Economic impact of illegal immigrants in our country to consider. Many people argue that illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from US citizens who are currently unemployed. The constitutionality of this topic also makes for a very intriguing argument. Does a state have the power to institute such a law, or is it unconstitutional?

Should the White House take over the BP oil spill?

The BP oil spill is currently the biggest current event in our country. It has been the hottest topic and most widespread talked about issue throughout the past month. Many people are calling for the White House to finally push BP aside, and take over the operation to stop the oil from spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. However, it is also believed that although BP has had numerous failed attempts at stopping the spill, the Federal Government lacks the expertise to deal with this problem and could potentially make matters worse. Something needs to be done. It is estimated that more than 100,000 barrels of oil are being spilled into the ocean per day and is severely threatening the gulf coast.

Of the three topics, I believe the issue of whether or not the Super Bowl should be played in New York would provide the richest field guide. There are a few reasons for this contention. One being that I find the arguments of both sides to be fascinating. Secondly, one main theme in our field guide analysis’ has been the easiness of the material for the audience to read, and maintaining the readers interest. I believe this topic will accomplish that objective more so than the other topics would. Incorporating economic analysis into this argument, I believe, will further the interest level of this topic.




Date: July 14, 2010
To: Robert Danberg, Publisher
From: Andrew J Williamson
Subject: Field Guide Proposal

In response to your request for proposals for the summer series of field guides to current issues, I would like to offer the following possibilities: a field guide to the morality of letting the FCC regulate all communications, a field guide on if Arizona’s anti-immigration law should be enforced, and a field guide to the United States ability to use geothermal energy as an alternate energy sources to fossil fuels.

Should the FCC regulate all forms of communication?
The Federal Communications Commission that has been regulating the United States communications since 1934. This includes what is said over the radio, television, telecommunications and international communications. Since then, the FCC has been blocking certain words, sayings and sights from being heard and viewed over the radio, television and, most recently, the Internet. This field guide will discuss the pros and cons including the “family issues” debate.

Should the Arizona go through with its new anti-immigration law?
One of the most heated debates this summer has been over the Anti-immigration law that was passed in Arizona. It has been in argument since it was voted on. This law affects not only Arizonians, but also the people of Mexico that are legally coming into the country in Arizona, but also the rest of the country as it could influence other states. This field guide will go in depth on the law, what it means for Arizona and peoples reactions to it.

Can the United States use geothermal energy as an alternate energy source to fossil fuels?
With the recent BP oil spill, it is becoming very clear that the United States cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels for much longer. One of the growing alternatives to fossil fuels is geothermal energy, using the Earth’s core as a source of electricity. This change over would affect all the Americans who are working for the oil and coal companies, as well as the electric companies. This field guide will discuss the possibilities this energy source holds, its potential as a permanent replacement, and its effect on Americans in the energy industry.

Of all three field guides, I believe that alternative energy would make the strongest and richest field guide for your summer series. This guide would be informative and direct. It would be able to show people how the energy works and how it could work. This field guide would make use of charts and visuals as an important part of guide.

If you have any feedback on the proposals, Contact me.

Andrew J Williamson

Date: 07/15/2010
To: Robert P Danberg, Publisher
From: Lena Hong
Subject: Field Guide Proposal

Upon the request for field guide proposals on current issues, I would like to offer the following three: a field guide on the benefits on genetically modified foods, the effects of age discrimination in a workplace, and the understanding of global warming.

Genetically Modified Foods - Are there environmental or health issues linked with genetically modified food?

Genetically modified foods have an impact on everyone. Every person has either purchased or ate genetically modified foods. There are a lot of arguments and disagreements about whether the modified foods are beneficial or not beneficial towards people. This field guide it will provide information about how they are produced, where are they grown, where are they sold, what chemicals are put in the foods etc… The public should be aware and well informed about what they consume or provide for their families. Chart visuals and food examples will be placed around the guide to attract attention from the readers because scientific guides can be weary to some people. By the end of this field guide, the readers should have a clear understanding on what they decide to purchase when walking down a supermarket isle. Subsequent to reading the field guide the readers will either change their previous thoughts on modified foods, or they will decide if they are against the tailored foods.

Age Discrimination - Should age discrimination be made illegal in the workplace?

Age discrimination is happening all over the world. It may not be affect particular people now, but in some way in the future it will affect them. This field guide will explain and show why certain companies and locations have strict policies on age of their employees. As for the visuals for this guide, it will display charts and graphs of different age ranges of people working in specific fields. There will also be another part of the field guide that will provide suggested tips and ideas of what can be done when turn down a job opportunity due to age and not experience.

Global Warming: Can there be more done now, to decrease global warming? Or is it too late?

Global warming is an issue that affects all. This field guide will help change people’s habits at home and out to decrease the issue with global warming. The guide is directed to all age groups because the simple change of ones lifestyle can change a lot. Some may think that it is too late to help decrease global warming; but it is never too late. There will be images of how global warming is affecting different parts around the world from the past to present. However, the main idea of this field guide is to educate readers about the current state of the world and how to prevent the world from falling apart.

From all three topics, genetically modified foods is the strongest field guide idea because it affects everybody, even if one does not purchase modified foods. This guide will tech others what the best types of foods are better to acquire. When doing this field guide, there will not be a preferred side. Where as this guide will provide helpful information regarding the pros and cons in buying genetically modified foods. This is an idea that everyone can benefit from. Visuals and charts are a useful tool for people who are skimmers, the point of this guide is to make sure when looking at the visuals one should understand the idea. Nonetheless, throughout the guide we as the writers will play the devils advocate role because forcing a decision on a reader is a turn off to the readers.

If you have any questions regarding the proposal, please email me.

Lena Hong

To: Robert P Danberg, Publisher
From: Janette Wambere
Date: 07/15/2010
Subject: Field guide proposal

In response to your request for field guides this summer, I would like to propose the following three: a field guide on the funding of third world countries, a field guide on the image of the African continent and a field guide on an African safari.

Funding third world countries
For years now, third world countries have been receiving funding and support from developed countries. This trend must have started as a simple kind gesture from one nation to another. Today, it is a way of life for hundreds of thousands of people who live in third world countries. This support comes in form of loans, food and drugs just to name a few. But the question is, for how long will this go on? The population in third world countries keeps on rising, almost twice as fast as the one in developed countries. So for how long are the developed countries going to be able to support these growing populations? And what happens when they can’t support them anymore?

This field guide will go deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of supporting and funding third world countries, what this has done to these people so far, and what the future looks like for them. In my opinion, teaching them how to depend on themselves is way better than giving them any kind of fund.

The image of the African continent
There is a lot of misconception about the African continent today. What we see in the movies and on the television is not always the whole picture. Movies like “The gods must be crazy” and children favorites like “George of the jungle” and even “Madagascar” all portray Africa to be this jungle full of wildlife. Unfortunately, media houses have also played a huge role in this. Take the example of CNN, they portray the image that Africa is a hunger stricken, disease plagued war zone since all they ever show is disaster and calamity.

This field guide will go deeper into seeing what is causing this image. Why people don’t see the raw beauty in this continent. And also what this means for the people who live in Africa and outside. By answering several questions, this guide will strive to explain these misconceptions and to paint the real image of Africa.

How to prepare for safari
There are a thousand and one places to visit and even more things to see on a safari. It is thus difficult for one who has not been on one to know where to go. The fact that pretty much everything under the sun is available does not make the choice any easier.

This field guide will target mostly those on their first safari but can definitely be used again and again. It goes into general information on what one needs to know about safaris and what they need to bring with them. It then goes further on to help them choose the best safari for them depending on whether they are interested in culture, wildlife, history, outdoor activities, cities… there is something for everyone.

All the above are suitable topics for a good guide, however, I find the first guide on funding of third world countries to be the most captivating. There is a lot of information available on why this is happening by researchers and even organizations like the United Nations. Adding people’s opinions into this will also give it a different twist since people have varied opinions on this issue. I envision this field guide to be rich with information. Bringing together all the ideas and opinions from different sources should aid in understanding the issue even more and thus maybe open a way into finding a better way to support third world countries.

Kindly get back to me with your opinion.

Janette Wambere.

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