Janette Wambere

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Response to Janette’s Field Guide Part One:

Hey Janette! I would like to say well written. You have this topic under control, you sound like you have a strong and clear message to express to all readers. I like the idea for this field guide because it gives me the feeling of the “behinds the scenes” This field guide will be telling me what is really happening.

Audience Analysis Worksheet:
Your questions were answered clearly. When it came to answering a question you went above and beyond answering it. You were very specific when answering.

Proposal Memo:
This proposal memo put the cherry on the cake! From what you presented, I am able to know how you are going to kick off the guide. I like that you brought some facts and data into the proposal. I must say, after the first couple lines; it pulled me in. And on the last note: I love that you gave a short explanation after each question – helping me on the other side understand what is going through your head.

10 Question Interview:
You questions were on point, very specific and detailed. Having strong and specific questions will help you in the end because you will have a easier time putting your guide together. And I absolutely adore that you made a small connection to yourself in the end. It showed me how much passion you have for this topic.

Research Memo/ Annotated Bibliography:
I enjoyed reading your next steps for the project. It sounds like you are well ahead and ready to start writing. When reading through your resources, they seem to be very reliable and good. I like that you used books, articles and reliable websites. I also liked this once someone who actually worked with multiple organizations that offer aid to Africa wrote source you picked out and it.

All in all, I think you have a fantastic spine for your guide. You seem to be very confident and strong about your topic. I also like that you will be looking into “specific countries in Africa and other third world countries” I am glad you thought outside the box.

Lena Hong

Hey Janette,
I enjoyed reading your field guide plan.

Audience Analysis
Although you made your audience very large, you made it fit. A helpful hint will be to remember that that can be an issue when trying to write a guide like this.

Proposal Memo
Your Proposal was superb! It made everything that you would discuss and what you wanted to do seem very clear.

You seem to know a lot about this topic and have a very firm grasp on what you are talking about. I do not know much about it, but I can't wait to check out your field guide.

Research Memo/Bibliography
I like that your research memo went into what you plan to look for and what you need to find. Research is never over, regardless of what you know. I also like that you got a large variety of sources, not just from the web, but from interviews and books.


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