Lena Hong

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Hi Lena,
I really liked your plan. It was well organized and thought out. You seem to know exactly what your talking about and really understand the topic well.

Audience Analysis
I like that you know exactly who you want to address this guide to, and you know exactly how to word this guide to fit to them. I was slightly confused by the Prejudgement answer though, I do not really understand how it is a religious issue.
Proposal Memo
Your proposal memo blew me out of the water! It was a really good proposal and went into great detail on what you were going to do and what you wanted.
I thought your questions were good and will help you with writing the final field guide.
Research Memo
In your research memo, I think that you could have put in what you think is missing or if you think anything else is needed. An example would be your visuals, I do not know if you have them or not, but you can say where you would get them or where you would look for them.
I was amazed to see that you had books on this topic that you had to go through. It shows me you did a lot of research on your topic.


To: Lena Hong

From: Janette Wambere

Date: 25 July 2010

Subject: Response to guide plan

Lena, from the organization to your answers and the content of this plan, it seems that you have mastered your topic.

Your answers to the audience analysis section clearly show that you know who your audience is. The writing might be challenging since your audience is broad, but again with a topic like yours it is not possible to narrow it down further than what you already have.

I noticed from your proposal memo that you want to find out if there are any environmental or health issues linked to genetically modified foods. In my opinion, the way you have phrased this question makes it generate a yes or no answer. This might sway your stand in the guide depending on how many answers you get for the question and on which side they are on. So you might want to watch out for that.

The proposal memo is very clear, showing exactly what your guide will include. Also, I think the idea of having tear out documents is just brilliant. It’s definitely a really cool way to involve the audience and keep the information that they have just read fresh on their minds since they can just cut it out and take it wherever or just stick it somewhere they will be able to easily see it easily.

I also think your self interview questions are well woven into the topic since each one of them touches on it leaving the reader knowing that this is not just questions about any guide, but this particular guide.

You plan is so well thought out and presented that it makes makes me look forward to reading the guide. I barely know anything about genetically modified foods so I am really looking forward to learning from your guide. Good luck in the research!

Janette Wambere.

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