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Darren Ng:

Should the US cut the budget funding of NASA?

This is an important issue that we have to take into account now because it will partake in the future of our lives. If this case is left undisputed, budget cuts will increase and the development beyond Earth will slow to a halt. This is a major contemporary issue because it is something that will not affect people now but will significantly affect the future of mankind and the fact that it is not affecting us in the short run, will allow less consideration in this area. In the field guide I am trying to produce, I will try to alleviate a conscience amongst a large amount of stakeholders especially the middle class people in America.

Dwight Eisenhower began NASA during the struggles between Russia and America. It was not significant until JFK had invested in the program tremendously, which allowed the US to be the first to land on the moon. It became one of the main legacies of the modern age. Should US cut the legacy it created? The development of NASA is everlasting and funding this program will allow the US to maintain the hold of their power on the space programs. It is not only about continuing the legacy but also the search for development of life beyond Earth. It allows the human race to move forward rather than focus on the fragments of our lives such as the economy and politics.

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William Martin

Should the NFL have the 2014 Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey?

This has been a very controversial issue within the last couple of weeks. Many aspects of this argument are to be considered. First, we must take a look at the impact the weather could potentially have on the game itself. Many football fans believe that because the new Giants/Jets stadium does not have a retractable roof, the weather can provide an unfair advantage for one particular team who may be more accustomed to playing in these types of elements. The NFL, up until now, has held a guideline that stated no Super Bowl will be played in a climate with sub fifty degree temperatures during the month of February. It was voted and passed that an exception to this rule would be granted in an effort to allow the committee the opportunity to vote for the first ever Super Bowl in New York. There are also many fans, in particular those from the northeast, who describe themselves as harcore football fans and believe that these said elements are those in which the game football was meant to be played. Each sides arguments will be examined and discussed in the field guide.

There is another issue within this topic which must be discussed, the economic impact that having a Super Bowl in New York will have on both the city itself, as well as the state. It is estimated that the Super Bowl will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the City of New York alone. New York City is often called the center of the world, even though I am sure there are those who object. It can't be ignored however, that New York is one of our country's major cities. Ever since 911, anit-terrorist funding has cut deep into the city's budget, and along with the economic times that we are currently in, New York, fiscally, is in terrible shape. Having the Super Bowl in the New York Metropolitan area can potentially have an enormously positive impact on both the state and city's economy.

Yunmi Hong

Can the culture difference between a Korean and a Korean-American make all the difference upon doing business together?

Many individuals struggle with the simplicity of culture differences between the Korean and the American. Little details that can be overlooked so easily can be the simple cause of stress, when trying to understand that difference. This topic is essential to discuss due to the fact that there are 1.41 million Koreans who struggle with this everyday of their lives. What about the 100,000 South Korean children who were adopted into the United States between 1953-2007? Does the culture shock also include them in the category? Does the 1.5 generation of Korean-Americans get affected by this culture shock the most? All these questions must be tackled with solely because of the fact that there are people out there looking for answers. This field guide will be created to answer more specific questions to look at the bigger picture. When a Korean-American decides to do business with predominantly Korean people, what should they expect or look out for before jumping into anything. This field guide will be for the audience of people looking for a heads up on what their getting themselves into. Of course, research on the material for facts do not exist due to the fact that it is mostly opinions as a basis. This will be an interesting topic to tackle.

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